Phase 1 - Elements of the DISEQUILIBRIUMS Transmedia product

Everything starts with the first book, The Individuals, and how the story is extended on different media.

From book to Transmedia Project – Support Elements Phase I

For the book DISEQUILIBRIUMS: The Individuals the following actions were carried out:

Completion of the web page for the project:

Promotional video: a video was made for distribution on social networks to extend the mystery of the story, with photos of its main elements. 

    Videogame on Android. DISEQUILIBRIUMS THE GAME. The IT team was contracted to develop the videogame in which the player, by undergoing several levels of tests, can discover real disequilibrium situations in cities and with this information can gain more points to pass all the tests.

    Photographs of the city of Zaragoza were collected, some from personal collections, others purchased, while others were donated by a specialist photographer.

    Music was composed by a specialist composer, based on the code appearing the story of Disequilibriums, which will be used later within the transmedia project.

    Within the story, the characters have to access a webpage that points out to them and lets them see the solstice rectangle. The aforementioned domain has been registered with real online access, where you can see the following:

      From book to Transmedia project - Launch and Development Phase I

      The first few chapters were published free of charge on the Project website. Promotional campaigns were launched on social networks, to discover the countries and regions in which most interaction took place in order to plan actions for future promotions.

      Beginning with the progressive publication of the 40 chapters of the first book (DISEQUILIBRIUMS: The Individuals), the other elements of this project were implemented. 

      When at least el 20% of the chapters had been published, the novel was put on sale in digital bookshops (AMAZON, Smashwords,…). 

      At the same time, and to finance the project, channels were activated to make donations to the project through Fundación ECUUP where advertisement and product sales were managed.

      To encourage creativity and to promote the story of DISEQUILIBRIUMS, several creative competitions were organised with participants gaining the greatest appreciation from users being awarded prizes.


      Phase 2 - Aspects of the DISEQUILIBRIUMS Transmedia Project


      With the second book, several actions were carried out to extend the transmedia world of Disequilibriums

      From book to Transmedia project – Support Aspects Phase II

      With DISEQUILIBRIUMS: The Group, the following actions were developed. 

      Flashmob carried out by the dance team, with music by the project composer and filmed by the Director and filmmaker’s team


      Design and manufacture of T-shirts with the Disequilibirums logo, which were worn by the Flashmob dancers

      Drawing of the faces of the characters by interested parties who submit their work

      Content material put up on social networks profiling the characters from the first book

      Public presentation of the project at the Aragon library (Biblioteca de Aragón) in June 2019

      From book to Transmedia project - Launch and Development Phase II

      The second book, DISEQUILIBRIUMS THE GROUP, was edited and published in 2019.  In addition, choreography was designed and music composed for filming the Flashmob, DISEQUILIBIRUMS THE FLASHMOB, which was shot in one of the main scenes in the story, at the Magdalena Plaza in Zaragoza, the corner of the Decumanus in the city. The appearance of the Flashmob enabled the readers of the book to listen to the project melody (related to the code of the mystery in the story) and enjoy the dance performed by different people appearing live, within the real setting where the events of the book take place.

      The first three chapters of this second part of the book were published free of charge on the project website, while the remaining chapters can be accessed by buying the book, which is on sale.

      In order to promote the reading of the book, a competition to draw the faces of the characters in the story was launched. As the 40 chapters of the first book could be read free of charge on the website, participants needed to read them in order to draw the faces.  Launched nationally and internationally, prizewinners included participants from Venezuela, Asturias and Palma de Mallorca.

      In addition, a Creative R + D project was launched.  The 40 chapters of the first book were again published continuously. Each time a chapter was published, there were comments about their feelings about what was happening in the chapter posted on Instagram profiles of the characters, while staff managing the characters uploaded photos of the places in the city of Zaragoza where the chapter was taking place.

      Phase 3 - In development + Conclusions

      Looking to the future - Disequilibriums will continue ...

      For phase 3, the author needs to complete the book and afterwards, elements of the story which connect to the transmedia project will be analysed.

      The use of Augmented Reality applications is envisaged to involve readers in the geographical sites where the story is set. 

      The development of a platform to share true stories occurring in cities is also envisaged where they have had to overcome a significant disequilibrium, where you can learn about how it was solved and the degree of creativity that was used in the solution.

      The city of Zaragoza, where the first story was developed, was promoted in many countries; as well as Spain as a cultural tourist destination. There may also be a promotion of the other three European cities – London, Paris and Bergamo – included in the basic project because of the feature which the four cities have in common and which is explained in the first book. 



      The transmedia phenomenon is more logic than literature, and it embraces a changing model, a change in the way we read. It is supported on all the channels that can be used to transmit a message – long and short films, web episodes, games, and comics. This is precisely what Disequilibriums is trying to do. In addition to trying to reconstruct a shared tale, it seeks to create heritage and raise awareness of what we have here in the city of Zaragoza via books and internet, and the media mentioned above. The transmedia platforms, like Disequilibriums, play a part in constructing the ‘truth’ among us all and the truth is created together. 

      The truth is what we know. Quoting a verse from Antonio Machado:

      “Your truth?  No, the Truth, come with me to look for it. Your truth, keep it to yourself.”

      Antonio Machado


      Learn and dance choreography of Disequilibriums

      Disequilibriums The Flashmob

      Disequilibriums San Juan de los Panetes dance

      Disequilibriums Roman Wall dance

      Disequilibriums_the game_ESP

      Disequilibriums_the game_ENG

      Zaragoza writer Jorge Sanz Barajas introduces the presentation of the book with an explanation of transmedia storytelling – Book Presentation of the DISEQUILIBRIUMS THE GROUP_part 1


      Zaragoza writer Jorge Sanz Barajas explains the most important details in the presentation of the book – Book Presentation of DISEQUILIBRIUMS THE GROUP_part 2

      Disequilibriums game for Android