Plot 28. Transmedia novel

Autor: EditorTransmedia

At the Zaragoza Water Expo of 2008, it was not all glitter as predicted by the anguished mass media. The ‘Infanzones’, led by intrepid father Javier Hernández, set about unmasking the power games already engulfing the local, region and even the national boards. If the interests were already global, the maleficent shadow was planetary (worldwide).
But Power (in capitals) is intangible and widespread. This unequal struggle shapes the plot of a story which is more than just a novel, since it is part of the Plot 28 universe, a pioneering transmedia creation in the Spanish language where the boundaries between reality and fiction are decidedly blurred.

  • TITLE: Plot 28, Novela transmedia
  • AUTHORS: Hernán Ruíz y Agustín Serra
  • FORMAT: Libro
  • EXTENSION: 250 pages
  • YEAR: 2019