Las hipnopómpicas: Territorio Poppins

Autor: EditorTransmedia

Clearly, you know it at once: you are not faced with any ordinary book. Before you start reading, you should know that you are about to embark on a transmedia experience through land unknown to you, Poppins Territory. There will be puzzles, pictures, sound tracks and radio theatre to help you pass through the familial and personal stories of three women living in different times and scenarios. But let’s not kid ourselves, Las hipnopómpicas is much more than an experiment, based on a series of reflections and astonishingly entertaining narratives which will entertain avid readers somewhat differently. It is not a novel full of fireworks. We find ourselves faced with a novel that defends the power of the memory as a fortress in time, sheltering and brightening the little intra-stories which make up the common History which was almost never as they told us. This book is a tribute to all the women in our lives, who have sustained us and kept us interconnected in different scenarios, worlds and times.