If only it were possible to love

Autor: EditorTransmedia

A radio drama by Aragón Radio, in collaboration with Teruel Council, the Fundación Amantes and Diario de Teruel

Aragon Radio has come up with a new ending to the love story, in podcast format which you can also listen to on radio on Saturday 20 at 8 pm. It is one of the most ambitious audio fictions on regional radio, one which recreates the universal tale of Diego and Isabel, but with a plot twist at the end.

The tragic love story of the Amantes de Teruel was revived on Aragón Radio through a radio dramatization, the product of a collaboration between the independent broadcaster and Teruel Council (Ayuntamiento de Teruel), Fundación Amantes and Diario de Teruel. The story, recorded in the station’s central studios, was written by journalist Javier Vázquez, Director of the programme Escúchate of Aragón Radio, with the voices of actors Nacho Rubio and Itziar Miranda bringing the Lovers to life. In addition, the actress and singer María Pérez Collados, was hired to compose the soundtrack and the radio drama’s main theme tune with her band, María Confussion.

To complete the cast, well-known voices from the independent radio and television sector such as Paco Doblas, Eduardo Lolumo and Raquel Lozano have been added to that of Javier Vázquez, besides those of the most celebrated journalist in Teruel, Ana Bardají, and actual notary Luis Pérez Collados bringing to life the fictitious counterpart, Yagüe de Salas, a key figure in the love story tradition.

With Carlos Oyarzábal responsible for technical production, the story is intended as a tribute to the story of Isabel and Diego, which has become, in its own right, part of the collective imagination of the city of Teruel. But it also incorporates characters and subplots which enrich the dramatization and which are guaranteed to surprise the listener.