“20 boxes” A tragicomedy, thirty years in reconstruction

Autor: EditorTransmedia

The Project is the sum of various factors: CREATIVITY, TALENT AND USE OF MEDIA WITHIN REACH. With the QR code, the reader can listen to the music the protagonist of the comic is listening to in the story, to the noises that can be heard in the car, the tone of a mobile phone, the tune someone is humming. A music list posted on the Spotify platform gives the narrative an additional plane and thereby becomes one more element within it. The music becomes an essential element within the story, transforming the comic into an audiovisual work, lending it a distinctive narrative form in comparison to other works. The reader assumes an interactive role in the narration, which actively involves them. It also enables the joint or separate consumption of two, in theory quite different, media – namely reading and music – which merge in this work in perfect symbiosis.

  • Script: Iván Ara Cirés
  • Art work: Alberto Serena
  • Publisher: gp ediciones
  • Year 2021
  • 176 pages