100 Crises of a First-time Dad

Autor: EditorTransmedia

‘100 crisis de un papá primerizo’ is a story written in the first person narrative, recounting all the experiences that the author had since he and his wife began trying to have a child until the child reached the age of two. It is a hilarious comic, full of realism (all the anecdotes in the comic strip actually occurred) and humour with the aim of playing down everything to do with babies. How did those conversations go with those friends who always have something more important going on than you do? And what about those pre-natal classes? What made them decide to buy one pram and not another? How did they adjust when the baby, identified as a girl with a ponytail in the second ultrasound scan, ended up being a boy?

Eduardo Prádanos, a specialist in new narratives, dissects a key moment in the life of a human being with subtle and sharp humour. He does it, mixing tenderness with the most acid of wits.
Moreover, ‘100 crisis de un papá primerizo’ is not just a comic, but a transmedia project. There are more parts to the project that make up the story, which contribute to the narrative as a whole and are related to each other. You don’t have to consume everything to understand it, but if you like, you can enjoy them free of charge on the Website 100crisisdeunpapaprimerizo.com.